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LGBTQ refugees
fleeing to safety

Oct.-Dec. 2019 – Bruce Knotts, Director of the Unitarian Universalist UN Office, talks with Lucas about helping LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers escape oppressive countries and resettle where it’s safer.
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NY's new trans non-
discrimination act

September 2019 — OutCaster OutCaster Alex talks with the longtime transgender activist Juli Grey-Owens about GENDA, which was finally enacted in January after almost two decades of work.
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November 2019 — Is it a mental illness?  Do trans people have to medically transition to really be trans?  OutCasters Andrew and Kaspar discuss.  Part 1 of 2.
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gay identity

October 2019 - OutCasters Andrew and Amalee consider why some people think that showing anything about gay people is inappropriate for children to see.
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Ga[y]me Show #13
Dhruv and Andrew

November 2019 – NJ mayor objects to state's new LGBTQ curriculum law.
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utCasting and OutCasting Overtime, public radio's groundbreaking LGBTQ youth programs, are produced by MFPG — Media for the Public Good, Inc., a national nonprofit public media production organization with a local public radio heritage: for many years, we owned and operated a public radio station just north of New York City — WDFH FM 90.3 Westchester Public Radio.

MFPG produces OutCasting , a 29 minute program, and shorter OutCasting Overtime pieces.  We also produce OutCasting Extras, short online-only features.  Each comes out monthly.

MFPG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public media organization giving voice to perspectives and issues underrepresented in mainstream media.  Donate here!


YOUTH PARTICIPANTS — We're always looking for new youth participants for OutCasting — LGBTQ youth (closeted or out) and straight allies of high school or college age.  You must be able to attend weekly production sessions, which are generally held in the afterschool or evening hours.  Our home studio is in Westchester County, just north of New York City.  Please read our Join OutCasting page and then contact us.

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NEW BOARD MEMBERS — We are looking for highly qualified people to join MFPG's Board of Directors.  Ideal candidates should have previous non-profit board experience, willingness and preferably experience in non-profit fundraising, and a strong and supportive interest in LGBTQ issues.  It's not necessary for you to be physically located in the New York area.  Please read more and then contact us if you're interested in applying.

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OutCaster Alex speaks at the Gilbert Baker Memorial in NYC, June 2017


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