Board of Directors

Marc Sophos, Chair

Chris Bastardi

Marvin Holverstott


Advisory Council

Gabriel Blau
National LGBTQ Advocate

Mary Bosakowski
Independent Videographer

Juli Grey-Owens
Transgender Activist, former Board Member,
Empire State Pride Agenda

Scot Haney

Jonathan D. Lovitz
National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Richard Schlesinger
CBS News

Scott Simon


Marc Sophos — Executive Director, Chief Engineer, and Executive Producer of OutCasting

Sara Caldwell — Webmaster

Doug Koch — Events

Alex Mintz — Assistant Producer, Westchester

Marilyn Sophos — Treasurer

Mark Waddell — Faculty Advisor, MSU Bureau

Andrew Wasson — Outreach

Geri Alumit Zeldes — Faculty Advisor, MSU Bureau


OutCasting Youth Participants

Westchester: Jamie, Dante, Brianna, Josh, Alex, Ian, Andrea, Sarah, Dhruv, Lauren, Callie, Becca, Adam, Jessica, Ari, Max, Steven, David, Samantha, Nicia, Jack, Quinn

MSU: Kayl, Lucy

Learn about our participants here.

OutCasting Alumni

Westchester: Travis, Mady, George, Juliana, Nora, Nicole S., Lester, Chris, David, Andrew, Sydney, Michael, Joe, Keren, Nicole K., Natasha, Bethsheba, Morgan

NYC: JT, Jay, Elliot, Je'Jae, Khadija, Chow, Dontae

MSU: Alex, Eliot, Naina, Eve



Marc Sophos is the founder, Executive Director, and Board Chair of MFPG and the Executive Producer of OutCasting.  He founded and led MFPG's previous incarnation as WDFH FM 90.3 Westchester Public Radio through an effort that spanned decades.  He was the Executive Director, Program Director, and Chief Engineer of WDFH.  He was also the founder and chairman of Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc., the nonprofit corporation that owned and operated WDFH.

Read more: Marc Sophos



Learn about OutCasting's youth members — and watch this short video of OutCasters during a production session.

Read more: OutCasting Youth Participants



chris-bastardi-150pxChris Bastardi

Chris Bastardi, a Senior Account Supervisor at Edelman, has spent more than a decade in public affairs.  During his career, he has been a Director of Public Affairs and Communications in the New York State Senate, has served on political campaigns, including those for U.S. Senate, Attorney General, and Congress, and has been a part of several public policy actions, including referendums and legislative debates.

Chris has also worked on a number of development projects that involved moving public opinion and the perspectives of stakeholders, regulators, and elected officials, ranging from stadium proposals to development projects in both the New York City metro area and in the Los Angeles area.

He joined MFPG's board in 2015.

Read more: Chris Bastardi


oc-msu-fc-jessica-francisJessica Francis

Jessica is a Ph.D. student at Michigan State University, pursuing a degree in Media and Information Studies.  Jessica’s work focuses broadly on the social and health impact of information and communication technologies.  Specifically, she is interested in the role technology plays in the lives of vulnerable populations in the United States.  Prior to attending Michigan State University, Jessica earned an M.S. in Communication and Media Technologies from Rochester Institute of Technology.  She has taught a number of courses at the college level including Introduction to Mass Media, Media Literacy, Interpersonal Communication, Newswriting and Reporting, and Media and Society.   Currently, Jessica works on a research team at Michigan State University conducting research regarding the psychosocial impact of information and communication technologies for older adults.



Marvin Holverstott

Marvin Holverstott is a broadcast engineer based in Florida.  He has worked at stations in the Washington, D.C. area and on Long Island.  He and Marc Sophos worked together at WGSM/WCTO in Huntington, New York, and at WALK in Patchogue, New York, from 1982 until 1988.  Marvin has been a member of the board since the 1990s.



oc-westchester-alex-2016-08-10-3621Alex Mintz

Alex, the Assistant Producer in OutCasting's home studio in Westchester County, New York, is a lifelong Westchester resident and recent Skidmore College graduate with a degree in Computer Science.  He became interested in radio at college, working on air and producing increasingly complex shows for the college radio station, WSPN.  Spinning records, writing comedy, and reporting serious events were all part of the repertoire.  He has been a longtime ally and active in LGBTQ+ groups in high school and college.  On the side, he works in the NYS Governor’s regional office, and as a small business and home computer technician.



oc-msu-fa-juan-mundelJuan Mundel

Juan Mundel, a faculty advisor of OutCasting's bureau at Michigan State University, is a doctoral candidate pursuing research on consumer behavior.  Some of his work involves the extension of marketing practices to second-generation social media platforms, understanding millennials' consumption patterns, and health campaign tailoring for vulnerable populations.  Before coming to Michigan State University, Juan earned a Master of Science in Journalism at West Virginia University and a Licenciatura (B.S.) in Corporate Communication at Universidad Blas Pascal (Argentina).  His professional experience is in the fields of fashion advertising, international relations, and special events planning.  At Michigan State University, Juan is working with Spartan Innovations as a Venture Fellow.  Currently, Juan teaches the Principles of Public Relations course, and leads the Advertising and Society in Europe study abroad program for the Department of Advertising + Public Relations.



oc-msu-fc-waddell-2016-02-29Mark Waddell


Mark Waddell is a professor of history at Michigan State University and faculty advisor to the OutCasting bureau at MSU. Originally from Calgary, Canada, he received his Ph.D. in the history of science and medicine from the Johns Hopkins University in 2006 before accepting a position at MSU, where he has a joint appointment in both the Lyman Briggs College and the Department of History. His first book, Jesuit Science and the End of Nature’s Secrets, was published in 2015, and he is now at work on a second book: The Devil’s Cure: Magical Medicine and the Problem of Plausibility in the Seventeenth Century.

Read more: Mark Waddell


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