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    • October 1
        • OutCasting broadcast edition about representation of LGBTQ people and issues in the media, why it matters, and how negative portrayals can be harmful particularly to LGBTQ youth.
        • OutCasting Overtime:  OutCaster Quinn reflects on the president's proposed ban of trans people from the military.  Quinn, who is trans, prefers that his voice not be heard, so Max tells the story with an introduction by Nicia.
    • September 1
        • OutCasting broadcast edition about minority stress in LGBTQ people, with guest Ilan H. Meyer, Ph.D., of the UCLA School of Law.  Dr. Meyer is an eminent scholar on the topic.
        • OutCasting Overtime:  OutCaster Dante reflects on the anti-gay atrocities going on in Chechnya, the US's failure to do anything to stop it, and the mainstream media's failure to effectively cover it.
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    • May 1
        • new broadcast episode: Part 1 of a 2 part interview with Gilbert Baker, longtime activist and creator of the rainbow flag, who died unexpected just a month after we recorded our interview.  Part 2 of the interview will be released on June 1. 
        • OutCaster Alex, who conducted the interview, shares his remembrance in the May 1 edition of OutCasting Overtime (formerly OutCasting OffAir).
    • April 1
        • OutCasting OffAir:  a comment on queerbaiting, the potentially harmful practice by some in the entertainment media of luring LGBTQ viewers into thinking some characters may be LGBTQ and then dispelling it by putting the characters in straight relationships and denying that the characters were ever LGBTQ
        • the unexpected death of Gilbert Baker, creator of the rainbow flag
    • March 21 —new broadcast episode connecting gay youth with LGBTQ history — a conversation with Christopher Z. Hobson, English professor and gay elder.
    • MarchOutCasting OffAir: the Women's Marches and their connection to the LGBTQ rights movement; upcoming broadcast episode featuring interview with gay elder Chris Hobson; new article in PrideSource about OutCasting's MSU Bureau.
    • FebruaryOutCasting OffAir: how to be a good straight ally; also, the possibility that the new administration will enact the ferociously anti-LGBTQ "First Amendment Defense Act"
    • JanuaryOutCasting OffAir discussion about lesbian "compulsory heterosexuality"


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